Best Hair Replacement in CT!
by Mr. Carmine

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~ Ron

Thinning Hair Solutions

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Hair Restoration

Thinning Hair Solutions

By Mr. Carmine

“AWARD WINNING” Hair Restoration Services for Guys & Gals

Are you seeking a 100% Guaranteed solution to Hair Loss? Our quality services include:

  • Hair Loss Prevention
  • Hair Restoration
  • Hair Systems
  • Hair enhancement
  • Solutions for Alopecia, and Chemo patients
  • Alternatives to a toupee, and hairpieces

For 25 years, Executive Director Ron Milazzo has been offering “Hair Restoration” services for our clients who live in and around Stamford, CT., and clients who travel to us from locations throughout the world.

Salon owners and Stylists in both Fairfield County and Westchester, recommend our quality services to clients seeking a quality solution to severe hair loss, and thinning hair.


Hair Restoration and Thinning Hair is our Specialty!

Always In Complete Privacy

“We “Dare you to Compare!”

Any other hair replacement procedure, from any other company, to ours!

A solution to your hair loss problem is just a phone call away!


Our 100% Money back Guarantee! As long as you inform us of any issues before leaving the premises. 


 In Connecticut:

                   Call: 203.325.0144                      


Out-Of-State Call: 800-762-1381


100 % Guaranteed, Highest Quality Human Hair Restoration and Hair Enhancement in Stamford, CT.

Thinning Hair Solutions by Mr.Carmine

  • If you demand quality, we offer the finest couture hair restoration available anywhere.
  • Whether it be Hair restoration, hair enhancement, or hair extensions,  you can expect the finest hair, designed in any density, or color to suit your preference.  Quality Hair that won’t tangle with proper care. Hair which lasts longer than other hair enhancement due to the quality of the hair which is used.
  • We offer many attachment methods, which will vary from one client to another, based on a number of factors. For example:
  • A client with fine hair would require a method different than those individuals with coarse hair to prevent further damage to your existing hair. We always use the appropriate attachment for an individual to minimize damage.
  • NO High Temp. irons to melt glue to attach hair… No harsh chemicals needed to remove or re-attach hair.
  • Costs can vary widely for hair enhancement, and is dependent on several factors. Hair Restoration is difficult to estimate without seeing a client in person. Our experts can provide an accurate quote, based
    on a comprehensive free hair audit.
  • There is never any obligation to do anything after your free consultation. You can decide whether or not you want to proceed to the next step. You make the decisions about ordering, or not ordering hair. It’s only after we do our part in the educational process and explain, and show you what we have to offer you.
  • You will be given expert advice from a professional, with more than 25 years experience, with the know- how… to do it right the first time!
  • We are, and have been providing the best hair replacement in the CT, area offering hair restoration and hair enhancement for over 25 years.
  • Why take a chance with someone just starting out. It’s not all the same!
  • Who else will Guarantee their product as we do?
  • Remember! Our 100% money back guarantee!
  • All Custom hand created for natural appearance and density
  • Will not tangle with proper care
  • Several attachment choices
  • No harsh chemicals used for removal

Analysis of your hair loss is always Free, and conducted with sensitivity, and in complete privacy by a licensed experienced professional.



We welcome and service hair replacement clients from all other companies.

100 % Guaranteed Satisfaction, or you don’t pay, as long as you tell us before leaving the premises. 





(as seen on National TV)

Ask about our $599.00 trial offer!

Replace your lost hair, the “NATURAL ADVANTAGE Way!”

You will consider other methods of hair replacement obsolete after experiencing “Natural Advantage” derma lens technology.

It’s believable hair that defies detection, even under close scrutiny.

No more take on, take off hair, which is a thing of the past. No more perimeter bonding, and scalp irritations. Works even on sensitive scalp. If you are not completely satisfied, we will CHEERFULLY re-do anything you are not completely satisfied with, or you get your money back!

We are the only Certified “NATURAL ADVANTAGE” Centers in Fairfield, and Westchester Counties.

A Quote  from Ron Milazzo, director of International Hair Salon.


“You never saw anything that looks this good, this close!”

“NATURAL ADVANTAGE”  is 100% real hair — it looks, styles, and acts like your real hair. It’s personalized to the color, density and hairline you want. Wear it long or spike-cut, brush it back, and treat it normally!

In one word: Undetectable!

Technology has finally caught up with your fantasies. A proprietary technique places real hair a strand at a time to harmonize perfectly with your own. It duplicates how your real hair grows, and perfectly matches yours.

“NATURAL ADVANTAGE” doesn’t discriminate: it works for nearly anyone, with any degree or type of hair loss. The hairline is so natural; even you will think it’s yours! Now there are experts you can trust. Our stylists are specially qualified to evaluate your hair loss, and handle the best hair replacement available just for you. With a lot of experience in this field  we have chosen “NATURAL ADVANTAGE” as the best we can offer.

All our  “NATURAL ADVANTAGE” clients are having great social lives! Are you tired of thinking about your hair? You want to stop wondering “Can I get it wet?” “What about bright lights?”  “Did he or she notice?”  You’re ready for confidence, ease, and smiles when others see you. You want to forget about your head, and enjoy your life! Get ready to party!

Make an appointment for a free consultation, and let “NATURAL ADVANTAGE” nature take its course.

A “Premier” hair replacement for the most discriminating man.

You have the right to know absolutely everything about hair loss. Don’t hold back. Ask us anything at all. About us. Our products. Other products, and hair replacement methods, or about our patented non surgical procedures that bring you back to the healthy, natural look, and feel of a full head of hair.

We’re here to help you look your best, NATURALLY!  All it takes is one visit for a free hair and scalp analysis. There is never a cost or obligation to buy anything at your “NATURAL ADVANTAGE” hair recovery center. The more you know, the better your chances of making the right choices.


Call us today, and change your life, once and for all!  It’s Guaranteed 100%


Thinning Hair Solutions by Mr. Carmine

located in the west wing of the beautiful “Crowne Plaza / Holiday Inn Suites

2701 Summer Street Suite 3 Stamford, CT 06905

203-325-0144 or 800-762-1381

Location and Hours, Map and Directions

NOTE: We guarantee all of our work as long as you tell us about any issues before leaving the premises!