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Hair Secrets of the Stars, now available!

Yes! in as little as two hours, men and women can enjoy the hair of your dreams that replicates the hair you once had, and is totally undetectable. Yes! in most cases,  we can recreate natural looking head of hair in as little as two hours. Our hair restoration technicians can give you just the right amount of hair so you feel comfortable with your appearance. Natural human hair that”s integrated onto your scalp and defies detection, even under close scrutiny.  Its like a miracle happened. Nobody will every know you did anything, except you look better, and more youthful. Its called “Natural Advantage” As seen on “Oprah”  “Montel Williams” and several News broadcasts. Find out what the Secret of the Stars have been doing for years!

Call us for a free consultation. Guaranteed results, and affordable. No surgery, no scarring, no pain, just more hair!

Call us at 203 325 0144 for your free evaluation to see if you qualify for this amazing hair restoration procedure.


Find out how hair replacement transformed this man’s life!

Look As Young As You Feel! The right hair restoration can help you look and feel years younger and can help improve your self-esteem. Latest noninvasive techniques and artistry produce natural-looking results, at a payment you can afford. ( — February 6, 2015) Stamford, CT — For Carl Vittorino, losing his hair by age 40… Continue Reading