Best Hair Replacement in CT!

Care and maintenance for your hair replacement

How to take care of your replacement hair, and have minimal problems!

The number one most important factor to remember is to keep your hair and scalp clean. Proper care and common sense hygiene, along with shampooing your scalp and hair at least three to four time per week will keep you, and your hair replacement looking its very best.

For delicate thin skin hair systems, follow these steps.

Use a shampoo for designed for damaged, and color treated hair.  Available at our salon retail area.

Step 1.

Wet Hair, then apply a small amount of  shampoo into the palm of your hand. Dilute the shampoo  with a  little water, then rub your hands together creating a lather, and apply to your own growing pre wet hair. Don’t be afraid to vigorously shampoo your own growing hair and scalp, so it feels nice and clean. If you failed to produce a good lather the first time around because of excess oil on your scalp, re apply more shampoo after rinsing out the previous lather.

Getting the lather into the hair replacement hair.

Using the palm of your hand, use the lather created from the above instructions and work onto the top of your head, and onto the hair replacement hair. With your fingertips work lather into the hair replacement hair gently in one direction.

 DO NOT rub back and forth as you would if you are shampooing your own growing hair. This will ONLY CREATE tangling. 

DO use four fingers like a rake to spread the shampoo in one direction, throughout the top and front of your hair replacement using a raking motion to apply the shampoo.

Step 2.

Rinse completely,  apply a conditioning treatment recommended by your stylist. Leave conditioner in for two minutes, then rinse.

Step 3.

Towel blot hair using your towel like a sponge, without rubbing back and forth.  Always use a leave in detangler before attempting to brush your hair. Spray detangler, about 5-6 squirts and spread with fingers. Finish by using a detangling brush to remove any snarls very carefully in small sections at a time.


Follow above instructions, except leave out the after shampoo conditioning treatment, which might loosen your bond prematurely because the moisturizers tend to break down the adhesives through the lace .

Definitley use a detangler sparingly after towel blotting, and carefully brush out any snarls, or tangles very carefully. That’s it!  Follow these professional tips,  and you will enjoy great looking hair, that will last longer when properly maintained.