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Hair Replacement for Chemotherapy


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Hair Restoration for Chemotherapy Patients


Being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment can exact a huge physical and mental toll on person’s overall wellbeing. And many women being treated for cancer find that the hair loss chemotherapy causes only compounds the stress they’re under.


Fortunately, there are options available to women losing their hair because of chemotherapy that can help restore their looks, confidence and take away some of the mental burden they’re under.


The most natural looking option is to have a custom wig cut and styled specifically to match your current style, or you can chose a whole new style.


A custom wig can be created by a professional stylist, like the ones found at Thinning Hair Solutions by Mr. Carmine who will look at pictures of your hair before treatment and style a wig to match.


This short video with the owner of Thinning Hair Solutions talks about the experience they have helping women who are undergoing chemotherapy restore their look with custom made wigs.


Having a custom designed wig created can allow women to maintain their look and help boost their confidence while getting their treatment. It may sound like a small thing, but for many facing the hair loss chemotherapy causes, a custom wig can provide a welcome confidence boost during trying times.


To learn more about having a custom wig created, just call us at 203-989-4419 and ask for Ron Milazzo.




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