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Natural Advantage Derma Lens



Premium Quality Human Hair


We are “The leading source for Men and Women

affected by Hair Loss! 


Our services include the following:

  • ” Hair Loss Prevention

  •   Hair Restoration

  •   Hair Systems

  •   Hair Extensions 

  •   Alopecia

  •   Solutions for Chemo patients 

Serving Stamford, CT. as well as the Tri State area for

over 30 years. 


Many of our clients, travel long distances for the  services we offer, as well as nearby towns and villages in Darien, CT.,  Norwalk, CT.,  Westport, CT.,  Weston,CT.,  New Canaan, CT., and many other surrounding areas in and around Fairfield, County CT.,  for the quality services we provide to our clients.

Bordering Westchester County clients also visit our Stamford center because of our great service.


We specialize in “NATURAL ADVANTAGE” Hair Restoration


Men and Women


Finally a hairloss solution you can trust.

You’ve seen it on the big screen, TV, and the stage.  News media nationwide have featured it. But the best news is that people down the street from you are living life fully with “Natural Advantage”

“Natural Advantage” has spent years perfecting the are of science of hair restoration to give you two things you never had before: the freedom to love the way you look without worries about your hair, and the versatility to do absolutely anything you want, anytime, with your style, color or length.


In less than an hour, you’ll see the great look “Natural Advantage” gives you…

…and from then on you’ll enjoy the rest of our benefits at no extra cost:

  • The artistry of expert technicians at International Hair Salon, trained in our specialized procedures
  • The style that suits you – with no home maintenance.
  • The Dermalens tm skin-like membrane, which gives you a mirror-ready appearance without ridges, bumps or worries over wind, weather or lighting.
  • Automatic upgrade to the latest technology.

What are people like you saying?

Quotes from actual clients like  (quote) I tried everything elsel Only “Natural Advantage) brought back the look I remember -Chris, Long Island

Jodi, from Fairfield (quote)  I’m free! The last thing I want to think about is my hair, and “NA” gave me that gift.

Vern, from Westchester county NY “I feel so much younger. People used to talk about me. Now they want to look like me.” These are quotes from real people just like you!


The Media are raving about  “Natural Advantage” on the Montel show, Ering Hanson.  Good Morning America, Movie and a Makeover and others.


In Complete Privacy Always!

We “Dare you Compare!” Compare any other hair replacement

 procedure from any other company to ours!



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Stamford:  203-325-0144

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Remember! An analysis of your hair loss is always Free of charge, and

 conducted with sensitivity,  and in complete privacy by a

licensed, experienced professional.

NOTE: In order for our hair restoration guarantee to be valid, the client must notify Thinning Hair Solutions of any dissatisfaction of the work performed, immediately after the restoration service, and before leaving the premises for this guarantee to be valid.


Below are some photos of men who made the decision to  change their lives with “Natural Advantage” hair restoration.  Results are typical, and a full head of hair is guaranteed at your first appointment.



SINCE 1976

We welcome and service hair replacement systems from all

 other companies.


 Your old hairpiece is worth $100.00 towards the purchase

of any “Natural Advantage” hair restoration program.


We offer 100 % Guaranteed Satisfaction, or you don’t pay, No Questions Asked, as long as you inform us of any issues before leaving the premises!




 as seen on tv )


 Replace lost hairs,  the “NATURAL ADVANTAGE Way”!  It’s believable hair that defies detection, even under close scrutiny.  You will consider other methods of hair replacement obsolete after experiencing “Natural Advantage” derma lens technology.  No more take on, take off hair which is a thing of the past. No more perimeter bonding and scalp irritations. Works even on sensitive scalp.

  We are the only CertifiedNATURAL ADVANTAGE”  Centers  in Fairfield, and Westchester  Counties.

A Quote from Ron Milazzo, director of International Hair Salon

Quote:  “I can say without hesitation, this technology surpasses all others,  and you will  never see anything that looks this good, this close!”

     NATURAL ADVANTAGE  is 100% real hair — it looks, styles, and acts like your real hair. It’s personalized to the color, density and hairline you want. Wear it long or spike-cut, brush it back, and treat it normally!

In one word: Undetectable!

Technology has finally caught up with your fantasies.  A proprietary technique places real hair, a strand at a time to harmonize perfectly with your own. The process duplicates how your own real hair grows, and perfectly matches yours.

NATURAL ADVANTAGE  doesn’t discriminate:  it works for nearly anyone, with any degree or type of hair loss. The hairline is so natural; even you’ll think it’s yours!  Now there are experts you can trust. Our stylists are specially qualified to evaluate your hair loss, and handle the best hair replacement available just for you. With a lot of experience in this field, we’ve chosen NATURAL ADVANTAGE as the best we can offer.

All our NATURAL ADVANTAGE customers are having great social lives! Are you tired of thinking about your hair? You want to stop wondering  “Can I get it wet?” “What about bright lights?” “Did she notice?” You’re ready for confidence, ease, and smiles when others see you. You want to forget about your head, and enjoy your life!  Get ready to party!  Make an appointment for a free consultation, and let NATURAL ADVANTAGE nature take its course.  A “Premier”  hair replacement for the most discriminating client.

You have the right to know absolutely everything about hair loss, and recovery. Don’t hold back.  Ask us anything at all.  About us. Our products.  Other products ,and hair replacement methods.  About our patented non surgical procedures that bring you back to the healthy, natural look, and feel of a full head of hair.

We’re here to help you look your best, NATURALLY!  All it takes is one visit for a free hair and scalp analysis.

There is never a cost or obligation to buy anything at your “NATURAL ADVANTAGE“  hair recovery center.  The more you know, the better your chances of making the right choices.


  • Call us today, and change your life, once and for all!  203-325-0144  for men’s hair recovery services.