Best Hair Replacement in CT!

Maintaining and caring for your hair replacement

How to take care of your replacement hair, and have minimal problems!

The number one most important factor to remember is to keep your hair and scalp clean. Proper care and common sense hygiene, along with shampooing your scalp and hair at least three to four time per week will keep you, and your hair replacement looking its very best. For delicate thin skin hair systems, follow these steps.

Use a shampoo for designed for damaged, and color treated hair.

Step 1.

Wet Hair, apply shampoo onto your existing wet hair to create a lather. Use the sides of the palm of your hand to smear the lather from the sides and back of the head ,and spread it onto the hair system. Using four fingers in a raking pattern to work lather onto the hair system. Rake hair in one direction only, preferably in a forward crown to front direction. Do Not rub shampoo onto hair system in a back and forth motion, as you would if you were shampooing natural growing hair.  Rubbing in a back and forth motion will only create tangles, which are difficult to remove.   You can do this same procedure if you like a second time if necessary.

Step 2.

Rinse completely,  apply a conditioning treatment recommended by your stylist. Leave conditioner in for two minutes, then rinse.

Step 3.

Towel blot hair without rubbing. Always use a leave in detangler before attempting to brush your hair. Spray detangler, about 5-6 squirts and spread with fingers. Finish by using a detangling brush to remove any snarls very carefully.


Follow above instructions, except leave out the after shampoo conditioning treatment, which might loosen your bond prematurely because the moisturizers tend to break down the adhesives through the lace .

Definitley use a detangler sparingly after towel blotting, and carefully brush out any snarls, or tangles very carefully. That’s it!  Follow these professional tips,  and you will enjoy great looking hair, that will last longer when properly maintained.

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