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Scalp Tattoos: A Permanent Problem?

For many men, the thought of going bald or losing their hair can be devastating. For this reason, more people are searching for solutions to camouflage the problem of thinning hair. One of the most recent solutions to come about is “Scalp Micro Pigmentation”. This solution is nothing more then scalp tatooing, and most men who have tried this method of camouflage are learning that this may not be a viable solution.

What are Scalp Tattoos?

Scalp tattoos are a true type of tattoo used to make designs on the skin, but the ink used is different when used for scalp pigmentation. The goal of a scalp tattoo is to add small amounts of coloring to the area that is balding or missing hair completely to give the scalp  a just shaved down appearance. Results was intended to crate an illusion that an individual has not lost hair.

What can Happen With These Tattoos?

Some procedures related to this type of tattooing have reportedly led to unnatural results. In fact, some men have seen their tattoos go from hair color (brown, or black) to blue or green! The discoloration caused the scalp to look like a different shade or a completely different color from the original tattoo. Most often this is caused due to the ink itself fading or changing color as a reaction on the skin.

Discoloration is just one of the many reasons you should think twice about having scalp tattoos. The tattoos are permanent or near permanent in nature. As with any other tattoo they will only look good, and work to create the illusion of hair, when a trained and very experienced  professional is putting them into place.

In my experience working with men who have tried different procedures looking for a viable alternative to thinning hair, tattooing is probably least desirable solution in most instances.


Credits, for this article taken from LINK- The Voice of the American Hairloss Council, and Flora Fuentes.


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