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Thinning Hair Solutions

by Mr. Carmine

located in the west wing of the beautiful “Stamford Plaza Hotel”

2701 Summer Street Suite 3 Stamford, CT 06905

203-325-0144 or 800-762-1381

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Hair Extensions  – We use only 100 % Human Hair    Premium Quality”  

     Not to be confused with hair extensions, purchased at mall

keosks, and many discount beauty supply stores.

 Quality = Value!

Question – Who is a candidate for hair extensions?

answer:     Hair Extensions are suitable for achieving longer hair and adds volume on the sides and back; and

Hair Extensions, should never be used to add volume, or height on the top or crown of the head!


In Complete Privacy for each gender”

We offer our clients:

  • Expert advice on how to improve the quality of your existing hair. 
  • Natural Hair Growth Therapies, and products designed for fine hair.
  • Partial or Full Hair Restoration for male and female clients due to male and female pattern hair loss, Chemotherapy hair loss, Alopecia, Trichomania and many  other reasons. including alternatives to a Toupee, and hairpieces.



We Are a Certified  



Men and Women


Finally a hairloss solution you can trust.

You’ve seen it on the big screen, TV, and the stage.  News media nationwide have featured it. But the best new is that people down the street from you are living life fully with “Natural Advantage”

“Natural Advantage” has spent years perfecting the are of science of hair restoration to give you two things you never had before: the freedom to love the way you look without worries about your hair, and the versatility to do absolutely anything you want, anytime, with your style, color or length.

In less than an hour, you’ll see the great look “Natural Advantage” gives you…

…and from then on you’ll enjoy the rest of our benefits at no extra cost:

  • The artistry of expert technicians at International Hair Salon, trained in our specialized procedures
  • The style that suits you – with no home maintenance.
  • What is “Natural Advantage?
  • It’s a  skin like membrane called  Dermalens  tm  which has human hairs inserted into the membrane, and recreates the look of natural hair growth just like the hair that once grew from your own scalp. The Dermalens skin like membrane is then attached to a site specifics area of the head which is thinning, or balding, utilizing a medical grade bonding agent. The results are amazing,  giving the client a mirror-ready appearance of  a great looking natural head of hair, blending perfectly with your own growing hair without ridges, bumps or worries over wind, weather or lighting.
  • As new technology is created in the future, we
  • automatically upgrade our clients to the latest technology.

What are people like you saying?

Quotes from actual clients like  (quote) I tried everything elsel  Only “Natural Advantage) brought back the look I remember -Chris, Long Island

Jodi, from Fairfield (quote)  I’m free! The last thing I want to think about is my hair, and “NA” gave me that gift.

Vern, from Westchester county NY “I feel so much younger. People used to talk about me. Now they want to look like me.” These are quotes from real people just like you!


The Media are raving about  “Natural Advantage” on the Montel show, Ering Hanson.  Good Morning America, Movie and a Makeover and others.


In Complete Privacy Always!

We “Dare you Compare!,”  any other hair replacement

 procedure from any other company to ours!

We offer Private Rooms, and Free Comprehensive Hair Audits


100% Money Back Guarantee On All Services, as long as you tell us before leaving the premises!